Q: Why should I hire you over someone else?

A: I will make this experience for you enjoyable and as painless as possible! (Maybe with some corny jokes thrown in.) I'll embarrass myself and make myself look like a fool in order to snag a genuine smile, so I can guarantee a fun, stress-free time. 


Q: What happens if the weather is bad the day of the session?

A: A lot of things many people don't realize is that an overcast day is a photographer's dream! So if you wake up, and there's no sun in the sky - don't fret - I'm probably giddy! However, if it's raining, that's another problem. I'm flexible and can come to your house or find some places that are covered, but I usually suggest postponing in that instance since many of my clients want their photos to be outside.



Q: What if we are a hot mess and can't get it together?

A: You are not a hot mess, you do have it together, it's fine. We'll get something, and you'll have a couple of "outtakes" to laugh at for years to come.



Q: What should we wear?

A: Neutrals and solids always photograph great! I generally advise clients to not wear any kind of crazy pattern that will draw away from the main subject - you! 


Q: Why should I invest in photos?

A: I am able to help you remember moments. Once days and months and years have passed, you will still have these images that will remind you of how you feel when you're around the people you love the most.