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I’ll do anything to capture a moment. I’ll even get bulldozed by 214 pounds of pure football player to get a photograph on the sidelines of the Georgia Dome. Because I did just that, and it's my go-to claim to fame. 

Most of my days are spent an independent school in town doing my job as a “roving reporter” - which basically means I wander around in and out of classrooms and pep rallies taking pictures and posting to Instagram along with interviewing people on the Voice Memos app for the story I am currently writing. It’s truly a blast and an adventure getting to interact with kids Pre-K through 12th grade each day.

I like to gift my clients with tangible memories of some of their favorite moments. By offering digital copies of a memory, I am allowing you to relive the story, over and over again.

I am grateful to get to live the story I do because of Jesus, and the breath He has given me. I am honored with each moment I get with people, the stories I get to see and tell, the dance moves we get to share together and long to leave your presence with something we will both get to cherish.


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