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I’ll do anything to capture a moment. I’ll even get bulldozed by 214 pounds of pure football player to get a photograph on the sidelines of the Georgia Dome. Because I did just that, and it's my go-to claim to fame. 

Things I love: convincing myself and those around me I was born in the wrong decade. Laughter is my favorite medicine - well - that and the music of Motown (you're welcome in advance). I’m lucky to call three states home, get giddy when talking about the King of Rock ‘n Roll, and can find genuine joy in grocery store flowers.

I like to gift my clients with tangible memories of some of their favorite moments. By offering digital copies of a memory, I am allowing you to relive the story, over and over again - while doing something dumb in front of you to bring reals smiles or ease the crazy of a wedding day.

I am grateful to get to live the story I do because of Jesus, and the breath He has given me. I am honored with each moment I get with people, the stories I get to see and tell, the dance moves we get to share together and long to leave your presence with something we will both get to cherish.


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